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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necktie

Most men treat neckties as a staple accessory. It is a long piece of cloth worn around the neck. Sometimes is rests under the collar of a shirt and it is knotted at the throat. Many employees wear neckties in the office. Neckties are also worn in form events and more.

Although some women also choose to wear neckties, it is mostly men that wear them. Neckties are important to make a man's formal look complete. Learn more about Stropdassen at stropdas.
The necktie is the first thing that people see when a man enters a room. It does not only hang around your neck, it also gives accent to your clothing. Thus, it is important that you choose the right necktie to complement your suit and your skin tone. Wearing the wrong necktie makes your attire uncoordinated which can be a great fashion disaster.

It is not really easy to choose the right necktie for your attire. You have to coordinate your necktie with your suits, your dress shirts, and other accessories that you wear with your entire wardrobe. There are many different designs, colors, styles, patterns, and fabrics used to make neckties. There are many neckties to choose from. Below are some tips that can help you choose the right necktie that will suit your attire.

It is important to feel the fabric of your tie when choosing one. You can inquire from the clerk about the fabric of the necktie that you are getting to wear. If you want something that holds the shape of the tie perfectly while being durable and lightweight, a silk tie is perfect. Don't buy cotton ties, is possible, since these ties are prone to wrinkle and it can be a big mess to fix. Click here to Read more about

Another type of tie which is less formal than silk is a woolen tie.

Buy a necktie with the color that you prefer. But you also need to consider some things when choosing the color of your necktie. The necktie color can either create a contrast of complement the color of your shirt. You can wear a necktie that contrasts your shirt color. If you are wearing a dark shirt, then a light-colored necktie will be great. And a light-colored shirt will be perfect with a dark cooled tie. You can also choose the same color. When you do that, make sure that either piece is a bit darker or lighter than the other shade. If you are buying printed neckties, you should match it with a checked or plaid dress shirt.

It can be tricky to deal with patterned neckties. It would be difficult to choose a suit that will match the necktie pattern. The rule of thumb is to wear patterned shirts is to wear solid ties or wear solid shirts to match patterned neckties. Learn more from

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